This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

Utahns plan forward. It’s part of our pioneer legacy. From the beginning of the coronavirus, the Economic Response Task Force has been planning on how to reopen the economy. Last Friday, we released an updated version of the Utah Leads Together plan.

This 2.0 version recommends a staged approach in getting back to business. It reaffirms the urgent, stabilization, and economic recovery phases, and introduces promising new data tools to help us transition thoughtfully and successfully.

Social distancing has helped us navigate the urgent phase. As the curve flattens, we need to move thoughtfully into stabilization and recovery. To do this, businesses, employees and consumers need to familiarize themselves with the updated plan.

Utah Leads Together 2.0 proposes color-coded guidelines to restart the economy, including a seal of approval for businesses trained to comply with health protocols. It addresses liability issues, continued engagement with federal relief programs, the management of personal protective equipment, and special provisions for education.

The Utah Leads Together 2.0 Plan is a roadmap for Utahns, focused on the light at the end of the tunnel, inspiring hope, and demonstrating a vision for public safety and the economic renewal we seek.

As the Governor has stated this is a plan for all of us. Please go to to review the plan.

I’m Derek Miller, of the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is “Speaking on Business.”