This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

Utah’s plan to mitigate the coronavirus has been updated.  Utah Leads Together 2.0 contains strategic guidelines and best practices to restart our economy.

As we emerge from the extremities, we need to continue enhanced hygiene and social distancing. Businesses must be vigilant in keeping work-spaces clean as they reopen. Companies should be sensitive to high-risk employees and encourage remote work whenever possible. Most importantly, common sense and good judgment must reign supreme as we adapt to ongoing public health guidance, just as the plan stipulates.

As chairman of the Governor’s Economic Task Force, I have witnessed first-hand the innovation and dedication of employers and employees during this challenging time.  What I have seen reinforces my belief that they will be diligent in staying safe to protect customers as they work with state and local leaders to reopen businesses and bring our economy back.

Fundamental to the process is that customers must feel comfortable enough to walk through the door. The measured approach contemplated in the updated 2.0 plan calls for businesses to turn the dial and reactivate the economy by building consumer confidence and encouraging Utahns to stay engaged in the economy.

To learn about how we’re going to reboot business in Utah visit and read “Utah Leads Together 2.0.” I’m Derek Miller, of the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.