This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

Adversity brings strength, innovation, and an opportunity for growth.  Three years ago, Governor Herbert introduced the Rural Online Initiative to prepare Utah for the future.  The program included certification and training for individuals and employers to transition from workplace to virtual employment.  Working with Utah State University, the 4-H and other partners, the Rural Online Initiative was set up to:

  • Empower families;
  • Provide education;
  • Create jobs;
  • Retain local talent;
  • Improve rural viability; and,
  • Strengthen the tax base.

Countless Utahns have taken advantage of the Rural Online Initiative, earning their Master Remote Work Professional or Master Remote Leader Certificates.  These programs have provided the knowledge and resources to transition from on-site to virtual careers, and since 2005, remote work has grown by 140%.

Now, during the coronavirus, the program has opened up, and to support statewide efforts during COVID-19, it is offering both its worker and leadership courses for free to all Utah residents and companies.  Along with the certification programs, Utah State University is also offering additional learning opportunities, including free or discounted online courses to strengthen interpersonal and family relationships, improve health and wellness, and financial planning.  There is even online training for gardening.

These programs are available today.  To learn more, go to  Let’s use this time to prepare for the future.

I’m Derek Miller, of the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.