This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Strong, innovative leadership from those we elect has never been more important as it is right now. From the White House to the State House to City Hall, our leaders have to balance concerns for health with economic necessity, creating case studies that will inform generations to come. Mayor Jenny Wilson is here to tell us how Salt Lake County is caring for those affected by the coronavirus.

Successfully recovering from this crisis takes time, cooperation, understanding, and patience from all. The County is hopeful and encouraged from the collaboration of state, county, and local governments to come together for the safety of all residents and the recovery of local economies.

Many businesses are currently operating, and more will do so when phased reopening begins. Data-based decisions are the only way to ensure the right balance as we turn the dial up on getting back to business.
To help other’s also make data-based decisions, Salt Lake County’s Economic Impact team is working to supply critical, local economic insight each week in digestible ways for municipalities to deploy data in the recovery of their area’s businesses.

Leadership at all levels is coming together on behalf of Utahns everywhere. In Salt Lake County, Mayor Wilson has a plan for success.

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