This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. The eighth wonder of the world is the resilience of the free market economy. Entrepreneurs with creativity, hard work, and a vision have raised standards of living throughout the world. And Utah reflects this more than any other. Though we have been set back by the coronavirus, our economy regularly leads the nation in employment, opportunity, and economic security.

This spirit of innovation, adapting, and leaning into challenges is alive and well even during these difficult times. Local companies are serving others, caring for the front-line responders and healthcare professionals, as well as looking out for their families and communities.

We call this the Beehive Mentality, and it is reflected in a campaign as simple as selling #OneUtah T-shirts to combat COVID-19. The #OneUtah hashtag is a project of Governor Herbert, the Salt Lake Chamber and Silicon Slopes. And the T-shirts in indigo and Army green are being sold for $25 by Cotopaxi, with all proceeds going to Silicon Slopes Serves to fund test kits, medical supplies, and education efforts.

According to Davis Smith, Cotopaxi’s founder, he’s doing this out of commitment to help Utahns weather the unprecedented crisis caused by COVID-19.

To support the fight against coronavirus and purchase a #OneUtah T-shirt, go to There you can not only buy and wear the OneUtah hashtag but also learn how to volunteer. I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.