This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.  Knowing where to find information to protect health, business, and family has never been more important. To provide information and resources to protect against the health and economic effects of the coronavirus, Governor Herbert was one of America’s first to mobilize task forces.  Governor?


Thank you, Derek.  We created two specific task forces several weeks ago, the first to focus on health implications, best practices to protect against infection, and policies that would guide our fight against the coronavirus.  The second task force focuses on mitigating the adverse consequences to our economy — our small business, employees, and their families. I am pleased by the progress we’ve made and want everyone to take advantage of the resources and technical assistance available.  These include federal and state loans, guidelines for working with the IRS, things Utahns can do to still support small businesses, and best practices for staying safe while staying engaged and productive. You can find these resources as

We are all in this together.  And together we’re going to beat COVID-19.


We will, Governor, and there’s a lot we can do when we work as one.  That begins with knowing where to find the right resources and technical tools, and is the place to start.  I’m Derek Miller, and this is Speaking on Business.