This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. For real estate and development company Woodbury Corporation, the coronavirus pandemic is not the first difficulty their team has weathered. Here’s president and CEO, Randy Woodbury, to give us the details.


Last year Woodbury Corporation celebrated its 100-year anniversary. It was during the middle of the Spanish Flu pandemic that my grandfather founded this company – finding opportunity amid the adversity and fear. One hundred years and four generations later, our business has certainly enjoyed many economic ups and sustained the downs.

We’ve never give up, and as an essential business, we never shut down. We kept our office buildings, shopping centers, and hotels open to support other businesses’ efforts to operate and keep the economy going. During coronavirus, we’ve guided many tenants in getting PPP loans and other assistance.

And through it all, we embraced the “stay safe to stay open” philosophy to make our offices as safe as possible for our employees by following all proper protocols. We want Woodbury Corporation to be the safest place our associates can be during their work week. These are certainly challenging times, but our experience over the past century gives us confidence that by working together we will not only survive, but we will thrive.


Woodbury Corporation has the experience and knowledge to not only weather an economic downturn, but to inspire others, guiding and supporting tenants and employees as well. More details can be found at I’m Derek Miller, and this is Speaking on Business.