This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Small businesses make up 74% of the employment base across America, and our small businesses in Utah play a vital role in our growing economy. Cuisine Unlimited is an example of a small business that has used creativity to thrive during this unprecedented time. Its founder, Maxine Turner, is here to tell us more.


The Coronavirus pandemic has brought business to a halt for so many of us.  In catering, it means that the daily corporate and social events have stalled, but it has opened avenues that we hadn’t considered in the past.  For example, we started our Healthy Cuisine Carried Away program, providing ready-for-the-table dinners.  We have developed a following from this program and have decided to continue offering dinners for pick up or delivery.  With the great Utah incentive program, “Shop in Utah,” we’ve added a cost savings that if you order Monday through Thursday, we will provide a free dinner for Friday night, a savings of over $35.00.

In addition, we are excited for new and future opportunities such as providing food services during wildfires and for private schools. I truly believe that in spite of the challenges of this pandemic, like the mythical Phoenix, Utah will rise.


As one of Utah’s family-operated businesses, Cuisine Unlimited is committed to serving our community in new and creative ways while continuing to provide memorable occasions. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.