This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

As Utah’s unemployment rate hovers at 2.7% we are experiencing the challenges of a growing economy. The labor shortage is being felt across industries and finding enough talent or the right talent is causing ripples through the economy.

To answer this call the Salt Lake Chamber has put together an exciting panel of experts and will be holding a Workforce Force Summit 2021 on Thursday August 12, 2021. The focus of this summit will be to equip business leaders with ways to remove barriers and build skills through adult learning and other topics.

The presenters come from education, diversity and inclusion, workforce development, and industry executives. Anyone working at finding new ways to reach and train additional talent will benefit from this summit. Also, companies who want to think more about learning and development of internal employees so they become a beacon that other colleagues may want to join at your organization should attend.

In short, this summit will be an opportunity for you to take back some tools and best practices to help your company run more effectively. The Chamber is excited to host this Summit and for those who would like to attend visit the salt lake chamber website to register and use code WORKFORCE21 at checkout.

I hope you will join us so we can work together to shift our employment landscape for the better.

I’m Derek Miller, of the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is “Speaking on Business.”