This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.  Cooperation between hospitals and citizens is critical during a pandemic.  Dave Gessel, Executive Vice President of the Utah Hospital Association, shares how to help hospitals at a time when our state needs it the most.

Dave Gessel

 The Utah Hospital Association has been serving Utah’s hospitals and citizens for 100 years.  The Utah Hospital Association is the trade association for Utah’s hospitals and is the trusted voice of healthcare policy in Utah.  All Utah hospitals are members of the Utah Hospital Association, and that includes urban and rural hospitals and acute care and specialty hospitals.  Utah hospitals continue to help Utah annually rank high among other states for high quality healthcare at comparatively low cost.

The Utah Hospital Association is working daily with Utah’s hospitals and policymakers and citizens to slow the spread of COVID.  Utah’s hospitals and healthcare providers are working 24/7 to serve all Utah citizens impacted by this challenging disease.  Please help your local hospital and healthcare providers by wearing a mask, social distancing and limiting your interactions with others as much as possible.  Please thank your local hospital and healthcare providers and all of their staff who are working tirelessly to help our citizens impacted by COVID. Together we can and will beat COVID.


We stand with the Utah Hospital Association and our healthcare providers.  Learn more at  I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.