This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.  With many companies operating remotely, the cyber threat landscape has changed and is evolving quickly.  Earl Foote, CEO and Cybersecurity Expert at Nexus IT Consultants, is here to share what they are doing to deal with the dual threats of COVID-19 and cybersecurity.


Since the COVID outbreak in March, Nexus IT has been operating in a blended in-office/WFH model. We have implemented safe-operating protocols to protect our team, their families, and our clients for in-office workers.

As our employees face new challenges, we have implemented new mental health and wellbeing initiatives and programs. We have also found unique and fun ways to connect as a team outside business hours and provide employees with relationship-building opportunities.

Due to the evolving cyber threat landscape, we have implemented new protocols, products, and solutions that help our clients better understand the imminent risks and protect their data and organizations.

We have been actively involved with community and non-profit organizations to help solve the business and public safety challenges that COVID has presented. We have created multiple video podcast series to highlight some of the businesses that have been most affected in our community by COVID, and foster new opportunities for business and economic growth in the community.


We appreciate Nexus IT’s work to benefit the community in cybersecurity, economy, and safety during these challenges.  Learn more at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.