This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

As we enter the holiday season it’s important that all of us Stay Safe so our economy can Stay Open. In fact, the Safe Safe to Stay Open campaign promotes exactly that by encouraging businesses and consumers to follow simple but powerful guidelines provided by the Utah Department of Health.

Among those guidelines, businesses and employees pledge to check symptoms before work and stay home when sick, to wash hands frequently, avoid touching our face and eyes, and to practice social distancing including wearing face coverings in close common areas.

Thousands of businesses throughout the state have taken the pledge and now, as we celebrate the season, we can do our part by making an extra effort to shop and dine locally. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy — they’re the heroes who support our community, our friends, families, and future. And throughout the pandemic, they have gone above and beyond to support us.

Now, we can return the favor by keeping our dollars local this holiday season. This will not only show our appreciation, but it will support an economy that benefits us all. So, please, join the campaign. Commit to Stay Safe so our economy can Stay Open. Shop and dine and enjoy entertainment locally. This way we will assure a happy and meaningful holiday season and lay the foundation for a wonderful new year.

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I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is “Speaking on Business.”