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One Utah business helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is Cotiviti, a healthcare solutions and analytics company that works with health plans to lower the cost and improve the quality of healthcare delivery. Nicole Neumarker, Cotiviti’s executive vice president of development and innovation, is here to tell us about the COVID-19 Outbreak Tracker they’ve created.


When the COVID-19 outbreak became a major pandemic earlier this year, we assembled a response team to look at how we could use our vast collection of healthcare data for more than 125 million Americans to respond to the crisis.

Our systems processes tens of millions of medical claims daily. Using this data, we analyzed patterns of testing and compared them to historical trends. We found that we could predict which counties would see future outbreaks of COVID-19 as far as ten days in advance. This early warning capability allowed us to inform policymakers, healthcare professionals, and individuals as they responded to the pandemic.

We’ve published our Outbreak Tracker on our website so everyone can see which areas have an increased risk, and also which states have higher rates of preexisting conditions that make their populations vulnerable to the most severe cases.


Nicole, thank you and the Cotiviti team for using your expertise in data analytics to help us better protect ourselves, our families, and our communities. Cotiviti’s COVID-19 Outbreak Tracker is at

I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.