This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. 2020 presented many challenges and staying connected has never felt more important. Law firm Holland & Hart took some unique approaches to staying connected with their clients last year. Here to tell us more about Holland & Hart’s efforts is Jim Barnett.


The foundation of our business is relationships, and as getting meeting person became difficult this past year, we’ve had to think creatively about how to maintain successful and productive client relationships. To do this, we have focused on ways to intentionally connect with our clients as people, not just as business colleagues.

One of our Salt Lake attorneys knew her client was looking for ways to entertain his children, who were at home for remote learning. She sent the client a kit that allowed the children to observe a caterpillar changing into a butterfly—the kids were occupied and thrilled!

Instead of getting together with clients over lunch, we’re organizing a Peloton workout group for a virtual bike ride. It’s a great way to stay connected with our clients while keeping fit.

No matter the challenges we face, our attorneys will adapt the way we do business. We’ll keep finding innovative ways to both nurture our personal relationships and meet our clients’ needs.


Holland & Hart has been building valuable relationships across Utah for more than two decades. You can learn more at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.