This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. SafeLane Health is an organization that offers easy-to-use technical solutions to empower individuals, physicians, and organizations in the areas of mental health and physical safety. Meghann Kopecky, President, and CEO of SafeLane is here to discuss what they are doing to combat the pandemic now and how they are looking to the future.


SafeLane Health combines evidence-based medicine AND technology to improve health outcomes.  We make dense, complicated information easy to follow and understand, which underscores our mission: to keep people safe.

Several states are currently relying on our services to navigate Covid-19.

For our next project we are focused on mental health… the next pandemic. In Utah, almost 25% of the population is reporting depression symptoms, a 19% increase from before COVID.   The evidence is so strong on what treatments actually work, that we will be integrating this into our solution.

The challenge is to develop something engaging and fun, that helps people.

For that we have retained a brain psychologist who designed the popular game Fortnite.  We are an organization committed to creating solutions that help.


SafeLane Health is a great example of an organization merging information and technology in innovative ways that lead to better health outcomes for individuals and organizations alike. You can find out more about their evidence-based approach at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.