This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Nightingale College is a proprietary institution of higher learning, providing programs at diploma through graduate degree levels, whose mission is centered on improving demographic, geographic, and socioeconomic access to nursing education across the United States. President and CEO, Mikhail Shneyder is here to share how Nightingale has innovated nursing education delivery during the pandemic.


Founded ten years ago, Nightingale College has been pioneering a robust distance education delivery model to develop confident, competent, and compassionate nurses for the communities served. Hence, we were uniquely prepared when COVID-19 shut down in-person learning across the country. In a span of four days, we integrated virtual simulations, allowing our learners to progress academically without interruption. Based on early evidence, virtual modalities enhance learning outcomes and now, are permanently incorporated into the College’s education delivery model. The College continues to develop more advanced simulation, utilizing virtual and augmented reality. Our learners returning to on-ground experiential learning are complying with safety protocols and soon will be vaccinated against COVID-19. Our incredible culture of innovation allows faculty and staff to relentlessly challenge the status quo in creating a better world.


Even amid the pandemic, Nightingale College is establishing a new standard for nursing education and is leading this charge from the great state of Utah. Visit to learn more about the education opportunities at Nightingale College. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.