This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Beauty Industry Group, or BIG, is the largest hair extension business in the world with headquarters here in Salt Lake City. BIG has been successfully growing and providing job opportunities in our community and has been able to effectively navigate the pandemic while also increasing the number of jobs in our state in 2020. CFO Derek Jacobs is here to tell us more about the company.


Beauty Industry Group is proud to be a local employer with a mission to deliver true beauty to the world. We are better known by our eleven hair extension brands, some of which include Babe, Donnabella, HotHeads, Glam Seamless, Luxy and HaloCouture.

While the pandemic has provided some challenging times in the last year, it has required quick pivots and flexibility. The safety and security of our team is our highest priority and in turn they have been amazing in the past year to continue to deliver for our customers and help us navigate uncharted territory.

During these uncertain times, we appreciate the opportunity to provide a product that can provide confidence and happiness.


As a business that was started in Utah, BIG is committed to being a great community partner and continuing to provide new jobs in our state. You can learn more on the Beauty Industry Group website.

I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.