This Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Throughout the coronavirus, valiant companies have worked to keep essentials available to all of us.  Utah’s Ascend Staffing is one of those. Its president, Mark K. Holland, is here to share details.


As a critical essential infrastructure company, we work to keep food and essential products on shelves across America. Because the jobs we fill cannot be done remotely, our focus has been to make sure employees stay safe during this turbulent time. Ascend is one of the first staffing companies to institute pre-shift COVID screening questionnaires and touchless temperature checks to make sure employees with undiagnosed cases don’t infect others.

We also took a proactive role in keeping our employees informed of resources, best practices, risks, and ways to stay safe. During these difficult economic times, we’ve provided jobs to those who’ve been laid off or otherwise have found themselves out of work. We received many stories of people unsure of how to feed their family or pay the bills who found Ascend and became valued employees. Our purpose is to partner with employees, clients, and the community to create opportunities for growth and mutual success, and that’s been our goal throughout this pandemic.


Ascend Staffing is a great example of innovative efforts throughout Utah to sustain essential businesses while keeping employees safe. More details are available at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.