This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. When the coronavirus hit, Utah Foundation immediately reshuffled its research plans to better serve citizens and policymakers. Peter Reichard, president of the 75-year-old, nonpartisan public policy research organization, is here to share details.


By coincidence, Utah Foundation went into 2020 with a study on telework already on our research agenda. When the economic shutdown came, we quickly released a report to assist employers suddenly struggling with the challenges of telework. Then there was our Utah Priorities Project, where we survey Utahns every four years to discover their top concerns and report on them. As it happened, Utah Foundation completed the survey in early March, when the world changed. Working with Y2 Analytics, we redid the survey during the summer. This made the Priorities project more interesting than ever, since we could compare attitudes before and after a world crisis. We also rethought a homelessness project to address pandemic impacts on homeless services. And, to provide citizens with key decision-making data, we launched a series of briefs called Significant Statistics. At Utah Foundation we are also honored to assist civic leaders driving the Utah Rising effort by exploring strategies to supercharge Utah’s economy.


Utah Foundation is a leading voice in public policy that threw its all into helping Utahns better navigate during a time of crisis. More details are available at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.