This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. The Utah Clean Air Partnership leads the charge to ensure each Utahn understands out air quality issues. As we enter our winter inversion period, it’s important to know how we can be engaged. UCAIR’s executive director Thom Carter is here to share more.


In our efforts to clear the air there are no perfect answers, but there are practical solutions. More than 50% of our wintertime pollutants come from the cars we drive. Maybe the only silver lining from COVID-19 has been our ability to find success in teleworking.

Prior to the pandemic, there were concerns about infrastructure and productivity, however, we have found that productivity is up and people are finding ways to be successful during this difficult time.

Taking all of these commuter miles off the road will slow the build into our inversions and can be a real help when we work towards cleaner air. For those that can’t telework, you can find out practical solutions in the TravelWise strategies of trip chaining, taking public transit, walking, biking or carpooling.


We hope you’ll join us in February for the Clear the Air Challenge, as we all do our part to improve Utah’s air quality. You can reach out to the team at UCAIR and find out more ways to be engaged on their website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.