This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. We are pleased to have one of the Salt Lake Chamber’s newest members with us today. Kelly McAleer is here to tell us about the Kenney Group, a firm that operates in Washington, DC, and Utah.


The Kenney Group is an award-winning national public affairs and government relations firm based in Denver.   We serve clients at the local, state and national levels including major corporations and trade associations.  We have recently opened our Utah office and are pleased to connect with our Western roots while still providing national reach for our clients.

The Kenney Group knows how to make your case. Whether your audience is Congress, a statewide electorate, or a city planning board, we have the relationships and know-how to convince decision makers. When it matters most, clients rely on the Kenney Group to deliver the win.

The sectors we work in include land development, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, financial services and much more. We have a long history of managing state and local ballot measures. And we’ve won national awards for our innovative political advertising.

We specialize in strategic communications, media relations, coalition building, and government relations. We’ve maintained enduring relationships with our clients because we produce results.


To learn more about how The Kenney Group can help your business meet the current challenges of today visit I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.