This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

The pandemic has disrupted not only our work lives but shifted demand for specific jobs across our state. One industry that continues to thrive in Utah is the construction industry and those who support construction. This year 8,400 construction jobs were added in the state and every year there is a need to fill an average of 5,000 new jobs.

To help high school graduates enter this field and earn a certificate toward an exciting new career Utah has the UAEC pathway program. The Utah Architectural, Engineering and Construction Pathway is a Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) career-based curriculum geared toward students interested in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) field. The capstone experience is placement as an intern with a local AEC company, benefiting student learners and solving the labor shortages in the construction industry.

Careers in this industry provide sustainable employment. If you are a high school graduate interested in buildings, design and how parts and pieces go together; or if you want a high-paying, high-potential rewarding career, you might consider this option.

These are occupations with a high degree of security and stability as you grow into project management, interior design, or working as an electrician, or architect. The UAEC slogan is dream it, design it, build it. In this way can help create a more sustainable future in our state.

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I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is “Speaking on Business.”