This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Steve Pilkington, Executive Vice President of Peczuh Printing, is here to explain how they are keeping up with the various demands of print and packaging during the pandemic.


With three manufacturing facilities in Utah (Price, Salt Lake City and Lindon), we understand the importance of an efficient and well-coordinated operating plan. One of the key components is our commitment to ensuring the success of our customers and their businesses, even with the occasional “impossible schedule” requirements. We are built to be responsive and flexible.

While we do have a small number of employees that are able to work remotely, the majority of our associates are required to be physically present. Employee safety is of the utmost importance to us, thus we implemented a universal face mask policy, increased sanitizing of workstations and equipment, and social distance as much as each operation will allow.

We are focused on things that will enable us to be viable now and in the future. We found it necessary to increase our equipment mix to ensure that we meet the requirements of a very diverse customer base. One of our most intriguing endeavors is maintaining a high level of craftsmanship while embracing the rapidly changing technological advancements in print and packaging.


You can learn more about Peczuh Printing’s services and how they can help with your next project at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.