This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.  Utah and Delta Air Lines have a rich history together, and through the coronavirus, the airline is working aggressively to keep us safe.  Here’s Reed Forrester, a senior member of Delta’s management team, to tell us more.


Delta’s highest priority is safety, and everything we do centers on customers, employees and the community.  In response to the pandemic, we’ve created a new standard of clean at the airport that includes the installation of acrylic shields, floor markers, and hand sanitizer at our ticket counters and gates.  Aboard our airplanes, we require masks and use electrostatic spray after every flight.  We are committed to keeping middle seats empty, and capping flight capacity at 60 percent through September 30.

To protect employees, those who are able to work from home have done so since mid-March.  For those who handle operations, we have a rigorous COVID-19 testing program, enhanced paid sick leave, and a pay protection policy.

In service to the community, we’ve provided free travel for medical professionals fighting COVID-19 since April.  We’ve repatriated thousands of citizens to the U.S.—including many here in Salt Lake City—and donated food to local food banks.  Delta is proud to serve Utah and to do all we can to serve our customers as they travel.


Utah is grateful for Delta Airlines, working to keep us safe and connected with the world.  I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.