This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Service to the community occurs at many levels and is critical for any successful business. Kelly Harris, president of Harris Financial, is here to discuss how service has become the underlying value that permeates his company’s business culture.


Harris Financial is a Utah-based financial services company that provides investment and insurance services to small business and individuals. In an industry that is often looked at like a commodity, we feel like providing elite customer service to our clients is our competitive edge. We often say, “we provide Large Business Service to Small Business Clients.”

Service to the community is a commitment that I have personally made in my own life. I have proudly served and led many civic, business, educational, religious and charitable boards over the past 29 years, including currently serving on the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors. This same commitment drives our company to focus on service.

Harris Financial was founded in 1992. With over twenty years of experience in the investment and insurance industry, we provide our clients with the most competitive products available. As a trusted partner of our clients’ benefits, we work hard to continually meet their needs. We invest in our clients for their long-time future.


Harris Financial has served our community for nearly three decades. Learn more about the many services offered at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.