This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.  Hope Corps was created as a partnership of business schools throughout the state and works with Utah Community Builders to assist and lift small businesses, nonprofits, and the people of Utah.  Max Schultz is here to tell us more.


When many students lost their summer internships and work opportunities due to COVID-19, the Hope Corps was founded to assist small businesses.  Despite major efforts by the federal and state governments to market relief programs, some businesses and individuals were still falling through the cracks.  The Hope Corps’ belief is that much can be done to improve awareness of support opportunities, help clarify eligibility requirements, and fill shortages in capacity.  The Corps recognizes that students have the passion and the ingenuity to make a difference.

A major focus for the Hope Corps is to provide students the opportunity to give back to their community by offering support and resources while providing experience they would have otherwise received in their internships.  These students give meaningful service to organizations throughout the state.

If you would like to get involved, go to or send an email to  A career specialist will work to pair you with the perfect opportunity.


Students are playing significant roles in the effort to reactivate our economy and provide services to organizations that desperately need them, and throughout Utah businesses are benefiting from the Hope Corps.  I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.