This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Wadsworth Development Group is a third generation, family-owned company that has been developing and managing commercial real estate for 25 years. CEO Kip Wadsworth is here to tell us more.


The single-family, multifamily and industrial markets are off the charts right now following the Covid pandemic. Fortunately, we have been well-positioned to benefit from the rising tide in these growing asset types.

When it comes to office, retail, and hospitality, the story generally isn’t as rosy and, fortunately, our fiducial conservatism has enabled us to endure hardships associated with those product types with no more than a scratch. At Wadsworth Development group, we provide Project Development, Construction Management, and Asset and Property Management services throughout the intermountain west on behalf of our family, our partners, and our customers.

Our 3,000-acre industrial project at the Salt Lake City Global Logistics Center is attracting local, national, and international tenants. Our multifamily projects in downtown SLC, and Heber City will help accommodate rising demand for housing. Our retail project at our Riverwalk development in Midvale is providing many jobs to support the newly booming post-COVID economy. We love doing our part to help keep Utah’s economy strong and vibrant.


As a locally-owned business, Wadsworth Development’s goal is to improve the quality of life by providing places to live, work, play, eat, and sleep that citizens can be proud of. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber and this is Speaking on Business.