This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.  Like most companies, Wasatch Container took steps early on to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on its employees and customers.  But they didn’t stop there, and company president Jerry Frisch continues his efforts to keep his customers and team engaged and safe.


As the leader of Wasatch Container, I felt it was very important to promote communication with our employees to reduce stress.  I write weekly letters to explain our procedures and why we’re doing them, letting employees know that we were doing our best to keep everyone safe and that they have a secure future.

During these uncertain times, we continue to show our appreciation to our workers.  We have passed out gift cards to grocery stores and gas stations.  We put together boxes full of fruit and items for backyard barbecues.  We even had a hair stylist come in to give much needed haircuts to anyone who wanted one.

It’s unclear when COVID-19 will end and how a post-pandemic world will look.  These are unprecedented times for all of us.  However, I do know that as leaders in business and the community, we must stay focused, be optimistic and play the long game.  We must do whatever we can for the safety and physical and mental health of our most valuable assets—those who work with us.


To learn more about Wasatch Container—a Utah-based custom packaging manufacturer—go to  I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.