This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. EyeCare4Kids™ has helped 400,000 children in 20 years. Joseph Carbone, founder and president of EyeCare4Kids™, is here to tell us more about how his dream to help children see became a reality.


EyeCare4Kids™ began in 2001 when my wife and I started a non-profit to provide professional eye care services and free eyeglasses to children who couldn’t afford them.

When 9-year-old Santi Morales came to the EyeCare4Kids™ Mobile Vision last week, he became the 400,000th child helped with free eyeglasses.

EyeCare4Kids™ helps one child at a time. With each pair of eyeglasses we provide, we truly believe we are offering that child hope, self-esteem vision, and a chance to get an education and become anything he or she wants.

EyeCare4Kids™ has clinics in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and New Jersey. Our renovated Midvale clinic will allow us to help an additional 20,000 children a year in Utah. We are hoping to help 1,000,000 children by 2025 thanks to our “Sight The World™ initiative to bring eyeglasses to “any child…anywhere” via technology.

We love every child we help. The smiles from the kids and the tears from their parents when they realize their child can see are truly priceless.


Helping children see is EyeCare4Kids™’s goal now and for years to come. You can help this cause at It only takes $35 dollars to provide the miracle of sight. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber and this is Speaking on Business.