This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Boojum Group is a market leader in Utah’s medical cannabis and hemp industry. Dashiel Kulander, CEO and co-founder of Boojum Group, is here to tell us more.


A locally owned company, Boojum Group operates in the Wasatch Back as a CPG manufacturer of medical cannabis and hemp infused products. We service a rapidly growing demand within Utah for higher quality, value-added cannabis products.

Innovation and technology are quickly becoming a more integral part of the cannabis industry, and companies are delivering cleaner, safer, and more effective end-use products. As consumer preferences and product diversity continue to evolve in legal markets, health-conscious consumers are embracing these new alternatives to smoking flower (or using inhalation devices) and are becoming more familiar with the types of concentrated products crafted at the Boojum facility.

Through outreach and social impact programs aimed at fostering a better public understanding of CBD and medical cannabis at the local and state levels, Boojum strives to help our communities take full advantage of the many health and social benefits and industrial uses the plant has to offer.


Boojum Group’s mission is to nurture the cannabis industry in Utah through innovation, research and industry education. To learn more, visit, follow them on Instagram or stop by Boojum’s new flagship store – opening in Moab this fall. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.