This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Giving us the power to create better together, wherever we are, Adobe is an icon behind the world’s digital experiences and an indispensable member of Utah’s business community, providing jobs, opportunity, and growth, as well as leading through the challenges brought by COVID-19. Wendy Steinle, Senior Leader at Adobe, is here to tell us more.


During this challenging time, Adobe’s first priority is people—protecting and supporting our employees, customers and communities.

Our employees are working from home, and we’ve rolled out new benefits for physical and emotional wellbeing. We’ve suspended travel and canceled in-person events through 2020 to help flatten the curve.

To support our communities, Adobe has donated over 6 million dollars and 22,000 hours of virtual volunteer time to COVID-19 relief. Locally in Utah, our employees raised enough funds for the Utah Food Bank to feed 167 families for an entire year.

Adobe’s mission is to enable our customers to produce the world’s digital experiences. Adobe is working diligently to enhance digital transformation for our customers globally and here in Utah, to enable business continuity in today’s remote world.

Adobe is proud to be part of the Utah community, and we’re here to support you.


Setting the global standard when it comes to digital creation, Adobe and its latest Creative Cloud release offer new and exciting ways to create, connect, and collaborate from anywhere. To learn more, go to I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.