Few people know more about keeping a clean and healthy environment than Tom Richter, president and CEO of JAN-PRO of Utah, a company that for more than 21 years has kept a 98% retention rate as a commercial cleaning service.  Here’s Tom to tell us what JAN-PRO is doing to keep our office environments safe through the coronavirus pandemic.


 At JAN-PRO we mean clean, and for almost a decade before the pandemic, we began using our proprietary EnviroShield anti-static spray disinfection system – providing 100% coverage to all surfaces of the buildings we service.  Our products are all hospital safe, and we have a three-tiered system to provide the right level of cleaning, disinfecting, and even sanitization our customers require.

To help others through the coronavirus, we are supplying personal protective equipment, and our products can be found on the official Utah website – coronavirus.utah.gov.  Likewise, JAN-PRO has a library of literature to help you reopen your office, including informational posters and signage for windows certifying that a facility has been totally spray disinfected.  We’re celebrating our 21st year of business in Utah with 70 franchise owners across the state, and we are here to help you, whether you want to protect your business or start one.  Please go to jan-pro.com/Utah for more information.


It’s never more important than now to know that you’re reopening your business right.  JAN-PRO is here to help.

I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.