This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Financial institutions are the cornerstone of our economy, in Salt Lake City and across the world. Mark Herman of U.S. Bank is here to discuss how the bank is dedicated to helping its customers and our community succeed today and in the years to come.


U.S. Bank is both a national and a local bank in Salt Lake. We’ve long had a connection to Salt Lake City and surrounding Utah communities– and we’re deeply committed to helping our friends and neighbors succeed here through innovative banking products, digital tools and human connection.

It’s our responsibility as bankers to help the communities we serve by helping local and regional companies stay strong and healthy. We recently launched the U.S. Bank Access Commitment, which is designed to help build wealth while redefining how we meet the needs of diverse communities.

Part of this commitment includes the U.S. Bank Access Fund, which will support more than 30,000 women of color-owned microbusiness owners over three years. This fund will help provide access to capital, technical assistance and networking for them. The U.S. Bank Access Commitment underscores one of many ways in which U.S. Bank is uniquely qualified to help business owners succeed as we continue to work toward full economic recovery.


U.S. Bank is invested in our shared future for Salt Lake City. Learn more about their offerings at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.