I’m Derek Miller, and this is Speaking on Business.  Scott Anderson is president and CEO of Zions Bank, one of Utah’s oldest and most revered financial institutions, and he’s here today with an important message for all of us.


At Zions Bank, we processed 16,000 Paycheck Protection Loans to help businesses keep their doors open and income flowing to employees and their families.  We will never forget those uncertain days and the contributions of so many.

Some believe the coronavirus is behind us, but that’s far from the truth.  According to the Utah Department of Health, we need 70 percent of Utahn’s 18-and-older to be vaccinated by July 4th to achieve community immunity and avoid a possible resurgence in the fall.

To achieve this, employers can lead by example and facilitate access to vaccinations that are available at hundreds of locations across the state.  They can host a “pop up” vaccination site at their business or provide incentives for employees who get vaccinated.

These and other ideas are available at coronavirus.utah.gov, or you can connect directly with the Salt Lake Chamber or regional chambers throughout the state.

Together, we have come far.  Complete success over the coronavirus is within reach.  The Fourth of July is just right around corner.  What an Independence Day it will be when we can hit 70 percent, but to do it, we need to pull together – as Utah always does.  We must Bring It Home!