This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Cyd Tetro is the CEO of Brandless and president of Women Tech Council.  And she’s here with an important message.


We are so close!  And with your help, we can “Bring It Home!”

Feels good getting back on our feet.  We’ve had heartbreak and challenges, but Utah has prevailed throughout the coronavirus, finding balance between protecting health and keeping our economy open.

No other state has fared as well, and now we have the opportunity to put COVID-19 behind us.  But we cannot do it without your help.  At the moment, 63 percent of Utahns, 18-years and older, have been vaccinated.  But to begin achieving herd immunity, we need to reach 70 percent, and the goal is to do just that by July 4th – Independence Day!

Just seven percent of our friends, family members, and employees need to have the time and opportunity to receive a vaccination.  So, I am calling on fellow employers to join our effort to “Bring It Home.”

You can facilitate access to vaccinations by hosting a “pop up” vaccination site at your business, or by allowing time off for vaccinations.  And these are just two of many ideas.  More are available at  There, you can see how far we’ve come.  See what we can still do.  And learn how important it is between now and July 4th to “Bring It Home!”