This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.  Washington Federal Bank has a history of planning for the future that established it as one of the most highly capitalized banks in America.  This foresight has helped it weather challenging economies while continuing to support its clients.  Marlise Fisher, the bank’s Regional President, is here to talk about how they’re working to protect client assets and provide opportunities for continued growth in Utah.


While Covid-19 has been challenging for everyone, Washington Federal Bank is working to ease the strain on Utah businesses.  Shortly after the pandemic hit, we began offering 90-day interest free Small Business Lifeline loans that have helped more than twelve hundred businesses.  The bank also assisted more than 6,000 businesses to secure operating capital through the SBA’s PPP loan program.  Nearly half of these were new clients that were unable to get the help they needed from their previous banks.

Washington Federal’s commitment to Utah extends to its employees as well, actually adding staff through the pandemic, and by providing a month of full pay to those employees who felt unsafe coming to work.

The bank continues to offer services through our drive-through tellers and ATMs, and we are working toward fully opening each branch as soon as is prudent with the latest CDC guidance.


We are grateful for Washington Federal’s ongoing support for Utah businesses and their leadership by example.  I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.