This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Selu is a Utah-based company looking to make the Earth’s natural resources of water, air, food, land and energy available for everyone. Jake Hammock, CEO and co-founder of Selu, is here to tell us more.


At Selu, our vision is to create more agribusinesses. With more growers producing crops for less costs, we can secure our food supply chain and grow in areas we never thought possible. Today, a vast majority of agribusinesses struggle to provide climate control indoor growing facilities at low energy costs. This challenge has forced growers to primarily produce crops where electricity costs are low, contributing to a global food and crop security problem with fewer producers and higher costs crops.

Selu brings the opportunity to remove the costly climate control barriers and high utility costs for growers. Our Selu Oasis technology is designed to co-generate onsite power and water, CO2 fertilize crops, and conduct heating and cooling from one system. We are partnering with commercial greenhouses, hydro-(and) aquaponics operators, and vertical farms across Utah to sustainably cultivate crops at lower utility costs. By partnering with Selu, together we can achieve local community food and crop security to benefit Utah, create local and sustainable agriculture economies, and replenish the Earth.


The state of a global economy is only as reliable as its ability to sustain the needs of its people. Learn more at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.