This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. We are all immersed in a community and depend upon businesses to create an attractive, safe and comfortable place to live. Lance Bullen, CEO of Colmena Group, is here to discuss the impact of his real estate development and investment company on the communities in Utah.


Colmena Group’s mission is to build a legacy of quality, long-lasting communities. We accomplish that daily by investing in various real estate asset classes throughout the intermountain west, including multifamily, assisted living, commercial office, student housing, research parks, retail, hotel, industrial warehouses, and mixed-use properties. Since its beginning, Colmena has developed, co-developed and invested in real estate projects that built a current portfolio value of more than $1.6 Billion.

At Colmena Group, we believe real estate is more than a piece of land, a building, or a good investment. It’s the foundation for building community. That’s why we look for opportunities to create a sense of place for the people who will live, work, or stay there. We believe that a building should solve problems, meet needs, and add value to an area.

Ultimately, Colmena’s success is rooted in our ability to understand market needs, source capital, and work successfully with local and national partners.


Colmena Group is building its reputation by creating value and providing a sense of true investment in each opportunity. Learn more at I’m Derek Miller with Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.