This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.  When it comes to adapting, innovating, and overcoming throughout the coronavirus pandemic, PepsiCo is leading by example.  With us today is Scott West, PepsiCo’s General Manager for Utah.


 Through COVID-19, PepsiCo has continued its focus on customers, employees and the community.  Recognizing that this is no time for business-as-usual, our approach has been to emphasize lifetime values – looking for ways to protect those we serve.  For example, we have expanded the scope of the traditional personal protection equipment we provide our employees to include temperature checks, face shields, masks, hand sanitizer and gloves.  We have charged our employees to act as owners, to listen to our customers, look for ways to meet their needs and show empathy as we recognize that people from all walks of life are struggling with the impact of the virus, physically, emotionally and financially.

PepsiCo has a history of being customer centric.  Everything we do is with the objective of providing the best product and experience possible.  From our products to our restaurants, we envision that our customers are with us in every meeting we hold—virtual or in-person—and we evaluate each decision on whether it will positively impact those who rely on us daily.


 Like PepsiCo, all of us should take the time to evaluate how our policies, activities and products impact our community.  As we say, “We’re all in this together.”  I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.