This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. The race for alternative fuels is heating up, and lately, a lot of focus has been given to green hydrogen. Whitaker Irvin, Jr. of Utah-based Q Hydrogen Commercialization is here to discuss his company’s even greener solution: Clear hydrogen.


Hydrogen is a clean-burning fuel source – it emits only water or water vapor – but it is only truly “green” if it is produced using carbon-free methods, like solar or wind power, which are currently very expensive. As a result, green hydrogen makes up less than 1% of hydrogen energy production.

In our Utah testing facility, we’ve been developing a new technology that produces hydrogen from water at a significantly reduced cost compared to green hydrogen, and without the carbon impact of conventional methods that utilize natural gas and other fossil fuel sources. We’re calling it “clear hydrogen.”

Our process, based on completely new science in the field, separates the hydrogen and oxygen molecules by subjecting water to extremely rapid variations in pressure, temperature and motion. No heat is generated, and no carbon is used or emitted during the process, and it takes up much less physical space compared to a solar or wind farm. This all leads to massively decreasing the cost to produce hydrogen.


Q Hydrogen Commercialization is revolutionizing the energy world with breakthrough hydrogen science. Learn more about Clear Hydrogen at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.