This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Air & Sea International/Freightlink is a second-generation, family-owned freight service company. Its President, Jason Fowler, shares how the company is a leader in the growing freight and transportation industry.


We pair transportation with a tailored customer service for every client, the same approach my father, Brent Fowler, used when he launched this company 35 years ago. We started strictly moving export containers and have transformed over the years by adding full-service import, airfreight, domestic transportation services, and customs brokerage to our menu of resources. Nimbleness and diversification paired with our focus on customer’s needs have been key to growing our business through market crashes and a pandemic.

During 2020 we invested heavily into web self-service communication tools to interact with our clients more effectively. Our user-friendly online dashboard positions our company as an industry leader. In 2021 we continue to innovate by increasing our outreach potential with self-service tools. A strong digital presence giving customers real-time answers is key in providing security and confidence in a time of uncertainty.

Through our involvement with the World Trade Center and our local Chambers of Commerce, we are dedicated to supporting Utah companies by partnering with them and navigating transportation conditions with trust.


Air & Sea International/Freightlink demonstrate the advantage of innovating while maintaining a focus on individual client needs. Learn more at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.