This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems – also known as UAMPS – is a subdivision of the State of Utah that provides nonprofit wholesale electric-energy, transmission, and other services to community-owned power systems throughout the Intermountain West. Michael Squires, director of government affairs, is here to tell us more.


Representing community-owned electric utilities in six western states, Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems is developing energy projects that advance sustainability, affordability, and reliability. As the energy landscape continues to shift, UAMPS remains firmly focused on the future energy needs of its member communities.

Most notably, UAMPS is leading the nation, and indeed the world, in its development of a small modular nuclear reactor. This facility will be capable of providing a 24/7 supply of carbon-free power and complement UAMPS’ growing renewable energy footprint. The project’s ability to be sited where existing coal-fired power plants now sit will harness existing transmission infrastructure and provide jobs to workers throughout rural America. Innovative projects such as this, a realistic “all of the above” approach to energy development and a commitment to affordable energy for its members, will continue to drive UAMPS’ decision making and efforts.


As Utah builds and thrives into the future, UAMPS will play a major role, its innovative projects and leadership continuing to make an impact for good. Visit to learn more. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.