This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. It’s March, and all month we have been celebrating Women’s History. Kristen Edwards is here to tell us how the non-profit Better Days is sharing stories of Utah’s incredible women.


The mission of Better Days is to popularize Utah women’s history, and in 2020, we celebrated two important milestones – the 150th anniversary of the first woman to vote in the United States (Seraph Young of Salt Lake City), and the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

Utah women have played an important role not only in helping all Americans gain access to the ballot box but in shaping our state’s business, education, political and community landscape. While it would be good to celebrate women’s history every month, March gives us the opportunity to do something special to learn about women. To celebrate, you can access our downtown suffrage walking tour, donate to our fundraiser with Girls on the Run, visit the new memorial, “A Path Forward” across the street from the state capitol, buy a set of trading cards featuring 50 influential Utah women, invite Better Days to speak with your employees, or ask your children’s teachers to use the women’s history curriculum on our website.


Better Days is telling the stories of Utah’s women. Follow them at Better Days on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, or access their resources at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.