This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development, or GOED, has over 80 state employees focused on keeping Utah businesses first among equals in the United States, particularly as we emerge  pandemic and reactivate ours economy. Dan Hemmert, executive director of GOED, is here to tell us what they’re doing.


Utah is America’s number one best economy and the number three best overall state according U.S. News & World Report. At the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, we support homegrown businesses, recruit those looking to relocate, and promote opportunity for all Utahns. Our work highlights Utah’s quality of life, including culture, infrastructure, education, housing affordability, clean air, and recreation.

Our office is home to so many important Utah programs, including business services, workforce development, outdoor recreation, tourism, film, and more. At GOED, we are also responsible for distributing over $170 million in Legislature-allocated CARES Act funding to support Utah small business grants. Federal funds were also used to re-skill displaced or furloughed workers, support our devastated tourism industry, and strengthen education focused on maintaining and revitalizing our state’s strong economy.


We are grateful for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and its efforts to help Utah rank among the top states for business, careers, entrepreneurs, family prosperity, and quality of life. To learn more, visit I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.