The Salt Lake Chamber · Utah Leads Together: Healthy Together AppThis is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

Utah’s testing for coronavirus is the envy of our nation. We rank sixth in physical testing per capita and have among the fewest COVID-19 deaths. We know testing works to identify hotspots and get early treatment for those in need.

For testing to be most effective, however, we need to understand its three parts: assess, test, and trace. The state has released a new app called “Healthy Together,” which can be used each day to assess ourselves for symptoms of COVID-19. If you exhibit symptoms the app can refer you to a preferred healthcare provider to screen for testing.

Those determined to need testing can schedule for a drive thru visit. This process only takes about five minutes to complete when you arrive at the drive-up tent.

This approach – assess symptoms, test when necessary, and trace by geography – will help us successfully manage through the stabilization phase. As we maintain clear testing data concerning what is happening in our state, we can better protect our families, friends, and the community.

Download the “Healthy Together” app or visit your healthcare providers website to assess symptoms, get screened and complete testing. Together we can continue to lead the country by example.

I’m Derek Miller, of the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is “Speaking on Business.”

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