This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. There have never been more options available to business owners who want to transition their business, whether it be taking the business in a new direction or creating a succession plan. Adam Macklin of PNC Bank in Salt Lake City is here to discuss this important topic.


As Utah continues to see incredible growth in its business community, and owners and management teams contemplate the options available to them, conversations about business transition are becoming critical.

From exploring the sale of a business – whether keeping it in the family through a succession plan, a direct sale or a merger or acquisition – to taking a business public through an IPO, to perhaps moving into an employee stock ownership plan, PNC Bank can help.

We follow an efficient discovery and implementation process to help find the best solution to meet a business owner’s specific needs and goals. Through a consultative approach, we provide tips for holistically integrating business and personal dynamics and objectives.

Our experienced local corporate banking team focuses on providing out-of-the-box ideas to propel a client’s business forward, regardless of where they are in the life of their business.


PNC creates fully developed transition plans that can help business owners reap the rewards of all the hard work put into the business while providing numerous options and benefits well in advance. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.