This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

Economic reactivation requires everyone to follow state public health guidance as we dial up business and see restrictions lifted in phases. We know in Utah there is no trade-off between public health and economic health. They are inseparable.

The current risk level is orange, or moderate risk, and still encourages limitations on gatherings, social distancing and wearing protective masks, among other practices. To this end consumers can assist businesses as they implement the color-coded guidance by making sure they engage in safe behavior. This lets both business and consumers be part of the same solution, healthy economic engagement.

The state has pledged to help make this orange phase successful through the “A Mask for Every Utahn” initiative. This project partners with the Utah Manufacturers Association to make sure any Utahn who may not have a face mask can request one as they return to the workplace or go out in public.

The state will provide one mask to each resident, and ship once—upon request, and free of charge—up to six masks to each Utah residential address. To order your free mask, please go to

Moving from the orange phase, to yellow and eventually green, will require everyone to “mask up” in public and the workplace. In this way, each of us can become a superhero as we stay healthy together!

I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is “Speaking on Business.”