This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a time for all of us to prioritize our mental health. Joining me today is Dr. Mark Rapaport, CEO of Huntsman Mental Health Institute to discuss how the newly dedicated institute will tackle complex mental health challenges facing Utahns.


At the Huntsman Mental Health Institute, we are working to identify new ways to address suicide, trauma, substance use, and provide care to the underserved and rural communities of Utah.

We are currently working across the community to develop a strategic plan for the institute. This plan will create a road map to address mental health stigmas, suicide, and the primary prevention of and the development of interventions for mental disorders in young people. We are also working on the implementation of new models for rural mental health care as well as the long-standing problem of workforce development.

On May 26th we will break ground on a Mental Health Crisis Center on our new Campus of Hope in Salt Lake County. This unique partnership with the state, county and many others will be a vital community resource and a model for future mental health crisis care.


The Huntsman Mental Health Institute is leading the way to discoveries that will change mental health care of the people of Utah, the nation, and the world. Visit to learn more. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.