This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. To help healthcare professionals avoid the pain caused by wearing surgical masks for hours each day, GENCOMM—a Utah-based Audio/Visual Company known for designing and installing AV technology—came up with an ingenious solution. CEO and President Ingolf de Jong is here to tell us about it.


When we learned the impact elastic bands on surgical masks have on health care professionals’ ears we wanted to help. The back of the ear is sensitive and easily irritated by small elastic bands. One of our engineers researched options and found a 3D printed mask bracket. We built some and realized they would take too long to make. You couldn’t sterilize them, and they wouldn’t last very long.

GENCOMM owns technology to make custom plates for our projects, so we decided to make the surgical mask brackets out of a very thin aluminum. They comfortably fit on the back of the head, bring relief to nurses and doctors, and last a long time. We are now donating 2,000 brackets to Intermountain Healthcare, Mountainstar, and the University of Utah Medical Center. As a locally owned small business, GENCOMM is honored to support those who are doing so much for us.


GENCOMM is a great example of a small business giving back to the community and using innovation to relieve discomfort for nurses and doctors. You can learn more about this at

I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.