This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. L3Harris Broadband Communications Systems is Utah’s largest tech company and an essential business to the U.S. military. On top of protecting it employees from COVID-19, L3 is giving back to our health care heroes with innovative PPE equipment called PAPRs. President Dan Gelston is here to tell us about it.


L3Harris is an essential defense business, working through COVID-19 under strict measures to protect our employees while serving our customers. Some of those precautions include 60% of our employees working from home and our engineering and manufacturing teams working staggered shifts for social distancing.

When the coronavirus hit, our engineers, scientists and others wanted to help. That led to a collaboration with the University of Utah Center for Medical Innovation. Together, we turned a production line into a volunteer effort, assembling powered air-purifying respirators, or PAPRs, to protect health care workers. Even my daughters pitched in, making PAPR parts on our 3D printer at home.

We’ve now delivered 1200 PAPRs to the University and Indian Health Services, and despite challenging times, our company is growing in Utah. We look forward to filling over 100 engineering and related positions this year.


Whether defending our soldiers or fighting COVID-19, L3Harris is using innovative technology to protect first responders on all battlefields. Find out more about their open jobs at

I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.